INOXPA Centrifugal Pump PROLAC HCP



PROLAC HCP is a range of close-coupled centrifugal pumps with hygienic design, compact and highly efficient. It is made of a cold-formed stainless steel casing, impeller, mechanical seal, pump cover, lantern and shaft, connected to the motor shaft by mechanical compression. The motor complies with the IEC standards, it is protected with a stainless steel shroud and provided with the height adjustable hygienic designed legs. The centrifugal pump is EHEDG certified,it is especially designed for CIP/SIP without disassembly.



Parts in contact with the product: ISI 316L (1.4404)
Other steel parts: AISI 304 (1.4301)
Gaskets in contact with the product: EPDM

Mechanical seal:
Rotary part: Silicon carbide (SiC)
Stationary part: Carbon (C)
Gaskets: EPDM

Surface finish:
External: Matt
Internal: Bright polish Ra<0,8μm

DIN 11851 (standard)
Aseptic flange DIN 11864
(other connections available on request)



Pump casing with drain port.
Pump casing with heating chamber.
Different types of connections.
SiC/SiC mechanical seal.
Double mechanical seal.
FPM gaskets.
Motor with other voltages, frequencies and protection classes.
Motor for explosive atmospheres or with enhanced safety level.