INOXPA Progressive Cavity Pump Kiber KST


The KST pumps are sanitary progressive cavity pumps. Thanks to the hopper and auger, the pumps are suitable for pumping high viscosity products, doughs, pastes and liquids with suspended particles.



Parts in contact with the product: AISI 316L
Other stainless steel parts: AISI 304
Lantern and bearing support: GG-25
Stator Black NBR (according to FDA 177.2600)
Gaskets: NBR (according to FDA 177.2600)
Mechanical seal: Cer/C/NBR
Internal surface finish: Ra ≤ 0,8μm
External surface finish: bright polish



Connections: clamp, flanges, SMS, etc.
Double pressurized mechanical seal.
Mechanical seals SiC/C and SiC/SiC.
Gland packing.
Stators in black / white EPDM (according to FDA 177.2600) and white NBR.
Gaskets in EPDM (according to FDA 177.2600).
Stainless steel trolley.
Electrical panel.
Cleaning port (CIP).